Monday, March 17, 2014

A VSS Writer has rejected an event with error 0x800423f3

Recently I hit the issue for the DPM backup the VMs.  The DPM backing the Hyper-V VMs failed with the following message in the event viewer of the Hyper-V host that the VM is residing.


Then in the command prompt (elevated “run as administrator”) I list the VSS by typing the command Vssadmin list writers.


In the DPM console, had the following :


The steps that I took to resolve the issue is as follow :

  • Shutdown the VM
  • Perform the VM backup through the DPM
  • In the Hyper-V host, launch the Hyper-V Manager and would be able to see the status as “backing up …”
  • Once the backup is completed in then I start up the VM.
  • Waited for 20 mins for the VM to be up and running, then perform another backup (create another recovery point in DPM)
  • It’s successful and case is resolve.

In the Hyper-V Host I run again the command prompt (elevated “run as administrator”) by typing the command Vssadmin list writers and check the status.


Hope it helps.

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  1. I appreciate your guidance for virtualization technology services. I really need to know about it. Great work!

  2. Thanks, this seems to have resolved the issue. Can you tell what caused this problem in the first place? I have several VMs being backed up to the DPM server, but only one VM fails backup.

    1. Do check your Integration Services for particular VM. Is it up to date ? Is there sufficient space for the particular LUN ?

  3. I have a similar problem, I think. I am brand new to DPM by the way.
    DPM encountered a retryable VSS error. (ID 30112 Details: VssError:The writer experienced a transient error. If the backup process is retried,
    the error may not reoccur. 0x800423F3))

    The onsite server(A) can backup the HV server VMs just fine. However, an offsite server(B) (that is currently onsite) is supposed to replicate those backups from the onsite server(A) and does so for the majority of files and folders. Only a few certain drives fail and produce the error as shown.

    On server B I cannot do anything with these problematic drives: can't sync or CC, can't create a recovery point. A whopping total of 0 MB is transferred or fails instantly. I notice on server A that the DPM writer continually fails every single time I attempt one of those things. However, server B backs up everything else from server A just fine.

    I don't know how to fix it. I've exhausted the crap out of Google search but the problem may be that I am too new to DPM to solve this