Monday, September 26, 2011

DPM–More of BMR (Error 0x80070057)

When doing the restoration for the BMR, it’s very important to note the following :

You can't do an image restore unless ALL the drives are exactly as they were. Meaning when I was using USB drive to initiate the recovery, it was counting that as a drive. So no go on using a jump drive to initiate the Windows Recovery Environment. That was what was the "the parameter is incorrect; 0x80070057" error.

So I figured a workaround.  Once you have selected the network driver to be installed and also the shared network drive where the DPM recovery image is stored, you then eject the thumb drive, before you click FINISH in the end for the restoration process.  That will do the trick.

Hope this helps you Smile.

keywords : The parameter is incorrect, error 0x800700. The system image restore failed,

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