Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DPM–Protecting Exchange (Replica is Inconsistent)

The DPM will not be able to backup the Exchange if the Replica is Inconsistent .

Firstly is to check if the Space Allocated is sufficient in the DPM.  If it’s not then you have to allocate more space or to reduce the short term retention period to gain more space.

I tried to simulate a situation that one of the environment is facing the issue. 

The “Run Eseutil to check data integrity” was checked in the DPM, however the logs in the DPM prompted as “Replica is inconsistent

All protection group activities for the data source will fail until the replica is synchronized with consistency check.  The error would be 0x800700D8 and a reference to ID 30146.

After some investigation, found that the Eseutil.exe and Ese.dll that are installed in the Exchange is different version from the DPM.

So what I did was to copy the Eseutil.exe and Ese.dll files from the Exchange to the
"<drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\Bin" directory on the Data Protection Manager server

Take note :  One thing to take note is the version of Exchange.  You have to copy the correct version (32-bit or 64-bit) of the Eseutil.exe & Ese.dll to the DPM server.  If have upgraded to the Exchange Service Pack, then you have to copy the latest Eseutil.exe & Ese.dll from the Exchange Server to the DPM directory as mentioned above in green above.

Thank you and hope this helps.  The findings above is from the Technet & Forums.

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