Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DPM–The VSS provider is in a bad state (ID 30111)

Today I would like to share information on VSS error in DPM I found useful  to first timers DPM Administrators.

In this scenario I have a Secondary DPM server backing up the Primary DPM server.


The Secondary DPM Server tried to do a Recovery Point Creation failed.

So the next thing that usually that a DPM administrator will do is to do a Inconsistency Check …. and guess what happens.  It failed too.


Well, there’s a trick here.  Check your Primary DPM server if there’s any Thumb Drive or Hard Drive attached to the USB port

Solution :

  • Remove those storage from the USB ports (Primary DPM Server).
  • Do a Consistency Check again in the Secondary DPM Server.
  • Once completed, then do a Recovery Point Creation in the Secondary DPM Server.

Issue solved !!  

Hope it helps Smile you.  Thank you.

keywords : 0x8004230F, ID 30111 Details: VssError: The shadow copy provider had an unexpected error while trying to process the specified operation. The VSS application writer or the VSS provider is in a bad state.  Consistency check failed.


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  1. hello, i do not have any extra drive attached with primary dpm server, just 2 pass through disk !!
    is there anything else, which i can implement in order to fix this issue !!
    any help would be highly appreciated!!