Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DPM–Data Protection Manager Client (client recovery issue)

After deploying the DPM agent into a Windows 7 Client and patch with the latest QFE, now it’s possible for the end-users to recover their files or folders on their own.  This is one of the great features.

After doing the synchronization and recovery point, I hit the error.  Below is the message when I click on the Recovery tab in the Data Protection Manager Client in the Windows 7.


Resolution :

First of all I browse to the registry using REGEDIT in the client (which mine is the Windows 7 PC that has joined to the domain)

The path is as follow


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\Agent\ClientProtection

Next I create a Key.  The Key should be Multi-String Value


The Key Name should be ClientOwners


Once created, then insert the ClientOwners value in the format as below.


Once it’s done, click OK then reboot the PC.

Once the PC is rebooted, launch the Data Protection Manager Client in that particular PC. Click on the Summary tab and click Sync Now.


Once that is completed, then switch to the DPM server and then initiate a recovery point.


And when it’s completed in the DPM server, switch to the PC back.  Bring the Data Protection Manager Client, click on the Recovery tab.

In the Search for Recovery Point, click the search (just like a magnifying glass)


And now you can access the recovery from the DPM server to recover what was backup by the DPM for the client.


Thank you and hope this helps. 

Source from KB2465832

keywords : DPM found no recovery points which you are authorized to restore on the specified DPM server.  You can restore only those recovery points which you were an administrator at the time the backup was taken.  To restore other recovery points, contact your DPM administrator, or attempt to restore from another DPM. DPM 2010, DPM 2007, DPM 2012, client backup, DPM client, DPM workstation backup.