Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hyper-V (Server Core)–How to Reassign Drive Letter

Here I have a situation after installation of Windows Server Core and I don’t have GUI to change the drive letter.  I need to assign a different drive letter for the DVD-ROM.

From the Server Core server, in the command prompt I type :

C:\> diskpart

Next it will display


Type List Volume

DISKPART > list volume

The listing will be like below

Volume ####
Volume 0 E DVD-ROM
Volume 1 C Partition

<Look for type DVD-CD to find drive letter>

Type the following to change the drive letter, in the example below, I’m changing it to Drive Z for my DVD-ROM

DISKPART > select volume 0
DISKPART > assign letter=z

Hope the steps helps.

Thank you.

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