Friday, November 1, 2013

Can’t Remove VM in Hyper-V Manager (stuck)


The VM was backup by ALTARO. The Anti Virus didn’t do an exclusion on the drive that the VM VHD was residing in.  The VM was corrupted after a few days.  A restore was done but it’s still unsuccessful.


When trying to cancel the restore, it just not successful. 

The challenge here is to remove the corrupted VM.  Even after restarting the Hyper-V Host, there’s still no success in removing the VM.

Resolution :

I look into the Task Manager and saw a few process that looks like below :


I found the Virtual Machine Worker Process (vmwp.exe).  I found one that is very low in memory that coincides with the Restore VM.

So I decided to kill the the process (the above was the snapshot after I terminated the process. I forgotten to take a snapshot of the low memory VM that was stuck.  It was like 4MB)

Then I go back to Hyper-V Manager and found that it allows me to remove the VM successfully.


This helps me and hope it helps you guys and gals too.

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