Friday, March 4, 2016

Systems Center Data Protection Manager 2012 R2 Keeps Crashing – ID:917

Have managed to upgrade from SCDPM 2012 SP1 to SCDPM 2012 R2.  The DPM agents and the Protection Groups are still intact.

However, when I tried to edit or remove the Protection Group, the SCDPM 2012 R2 Administrator console keeps crashing and restart the DPM Administrator Console


After finding out, the issue is NOT the Data Protection Manager, but it’s the SQL that is storing the DPM Database.  The SCDPM 2012 R2 has also been patched with UR6, however it still crash whenever I tried to edit or remove the Data Protection.

Therefore these are the steps taken.

  • Take a backup of the DPM Database
  • Right-click on the SQL Management Studio and select “Run as administrator”


  • Once the SQL Management launched, right-click on the DPMDB and select “New Query
  • Copy and paste the following SQL Script
update tbl_IM_ProtectedGroup 
SET IMCatalogXML = replace(cast(IMCatalogXML as nvarchar(max)), '<AllowedBackupType>FullBackup', '<AllowedBackupType>Regular')  
from tbl_IM_ProtectedGroup where IMCatalogXML like '%<AllowedBackupType>FullBackup%' 
  • Click Execute and it should show the results.  The example is as above picture. 
  • Launch the SCDPM 2012 R2 Administrator Console, and it’s successful can edit or remove the Protection Group.

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