Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DPM–Manual Transfer of Replica (from Server with DPM Agent to DPM Server through the WAN) for protected folder(s).



Today I would like to share with you a scenario that I’ve tested out. 

I have a file server which is located in a branch and is is installed with a DPM agent across a WAN.

In summary the servers are :

  • MY-VM-SVR-FS003 (File Server)
  • MY-VM-DPM-PRI02 (Primary DPM Server)

The assumption is that the DPM agent has been deployed to MY-VM-SVR-FS003.

Site 2

Next is the creation of the Protection Group.


During the process of creating the Protection Group, the Choose replica creation method, select Manual and click Next


In my example , The protection group created is to protect a folder in MY-VM-SVR-FS003 i.e. D:\for Backup_FS003

As the diagram above, it shows “Manual replica creation pending”.

Now, we’ll go to another site which MY-VM-SVR-FS003 is located e.g. Site 1 in my scenario.

Site 1


Copy the folder that was specified to an external media, e.g. external Hard Disk.

Once it’s done, we’ll go back to Site 2 with this copied media.

Back to Site 2

In the MY-VM-DPM-PRI02 , launch the DPM Console. Go to the Protection Group, select the protected group.  In my case is the MY-VM-SVR-FS003-Remote.

Note : login to server as LOCAL ADMINISTRATOR but launch the DPM console with the account that is part of the domain.  In my case I use MY-DPM-SVC domain account.


Click to view details.


<Right-click> on it and select Copy


Open up Notepad and copy into it for reference later.

Next, open command prompt.


Type mountvol .


Note the same volume between the notepad and the command prompt.


Highlight and copy.


type mountvol k:\ \\?\Volume{00e2fe0c-9e3b-11e0-86aa-00155da84d01}\

The command is to mount the volume into K Drive. 

note : What is shown in pink will be different from one DPM to another.

Next, open up Windows Explorer.


You’ll be able to see the K Drive.  Double click to expand it.


Expand the K Drive, and expand the folder.

Paste what has been copied from Site 2 to this particular directory (from the external media).


Copy and replace it.   Click Yes.

Once the copying is completed, go back to the command prompt.


Type mountvol k: /d to remove the the volume from K Drive.


In the DPM Console, Perform consistency check …


Very fast the consistency check is completed.  (it took a couple of seconds for my testing).  So now only the changes is replicated rather the entire chunk across the WAN.

Thank you and hope it helps you Smile.

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