Saturday, February 18, 2012

DPM–Co Location of Tape in DPM


Today I’m sharing on how you can utilize your tapes by co-locating the tapes. 

There are other backup software that uses the same tape and does the compression, append it and do lots of nice stuff to fit the data into the tape. 

However DPM keeps it simple and that’s a good thing.  This is useful if you have lots of small protection group.

There are some rules that needs to follow when using the co-location to tape:

  1. You cannot apply co-location selectively. If enabled, it applies to all protection groups.
  2. Only protection groups with the same retention period can be co-located on the same tape.
  3. Encrypted and non-encrypted datasets cannot be co-located on the same tape.
  4. Datasets from different vaults cannot be co-located on the same tape.

If the condition above is okay then open the DPM PowerShell and type:

Set-DPMGlobalProperty –DPMServerName MYDPMSVR -OptimizeTapeUsage $True

Note : just replace the letter in GREEN with your DPM server name.  The rest of the command stays.

Thank you & hope it helps you.

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