Monday, January 30, 2012

DPM–How to Recatalog and Import Expire Data from Tape

Today I’m sharing the method on how you can import the expire data from the tape which was back up using DPM.

The scenario is the following :

What if I want just one file and not the entire 800GB ? I cannot see an
option to import the catalog. There is "Recatalog imported tape", but this is
not available.

The following steps can be carried out :

  • Mark Tape as Free (Contain Data)
  • Unmark tape as Free
  • Import Catalog
  • Click on Recovery Tab
  • Scroll down to External DPM Tapes and select for restore.  Can select the individual file to restore and not need to restore the entire tape.
Note : The restore to original location was greyed, but could use alternate location and browse to same location.
Thank you and hope the steps above helps you.
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  1. Does the above operations applied to DPM 2007 or not ?