Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DPM–Tape Media Issue “suspect”

Sometimes we may hit the issue when we introduce a new tape library or a combination of different tape types to the tape Library.

Therefore you’ll have to key in the line below from command prompt.

For DPM 2010

osql -E -S localhost\MSDPM2010 -d DPMDB -Q "UPDATE tbl_MM_ArchiveMedia SET IsSuspect = 0"


For DPM 2007

osql -E -S localhost\MS$DPM2007$ -d DPMDB -Q "UPDATE tbl_MM_ArchiveMedia SET IsSuspect = 0"


Then do a refresh and rescan in the Tape Inventory from the DPM 2010 console.  This should free up the tape and mark it as : “Free Tape”

Thank you and hope it helps you.

keyword : osql, tbl, suspect tape media, free up tape,

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