Sunday, May 13, 2012

DPM–Cannot Deploy DPM Agent to Server under same domain

There’s some weird cases going on in one of my deployments.  The server is joined to the same domain as the DPM server, however when wanted to deploy the DPM agent, the assign protected server refused to accept it.

The protected server is a HP Server.

Therefore, did a test in the lab, there was no issue.  However in the production site, there was issue.

The following was carried out :

  • Uninstall the HP Server Tools and Management.
  • Deploy the DPM agent through the trusted way.
  • Install the HP Server Tools and Management

After the steps was carried out, then it works like a charm.  Hope this sharing benefits you.  Thank you.

keywords : DPM 2010, DPM 2012, Cannot backup domain.  Cannot deploy agent as trusted even though is in same domain as DPM server.

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