Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DPM–Critical Alert–SQL Log Backup job has detected a discontinuity in the SQL log chain for database


Today I’ve a scenario to share with you folks about the SQL Database backup (using DPM 2010 to backup).

The alert that I receive is as follow through the email :


After some investigation, found out that there’s a SQL Native Backup that is scheduled by the application team.  The DPM also uses the SQL backup engine before it’s data is transferred to the DPM.

It’s like 2 people trying to do the same job.  Coming to the extent, it might crash the database if not handled properly in long run.

Resolution :

Since the Application has a Native SQL backup scheduled to a folder e.g. F:\DB_Backup, then the protection group to protect this server was amended according to as below :

  • Removed the SQL Backup in DPM to protect the NOSTROLAB\QTNostro in the Protection Group
  • Add in backup to protect the database backup folder i.e. F:\DB_Backup in the Protection Group 

The above resolve the issue once and for all.

Hope the above helps you to resolve the issue of backing up the database with DPM.

keywords :  DPM tried to do a SQL log backup, either as part of a backup job or a recovery to latest point in time job. The SQL log backup job has detected a discontinuity in the SQL log chain for database since the last backup. All incremental backup jobs will fail until an express full backup runs. DPM 2010, DPM 2012, DPM 2007,  Critical Alert


  1. what are you trying to say that, let the native SQL backup run, DPM only take the flat file in the destination folder. am i right?

    1. Yes, you got it. If there's no SQL Native backup schedule to run, then you can use the DPM to do the SQL backup.

  2. Nice article but need more info .so that any can understand.
    abhisehk choudhary.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Had some re-wording done.