Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Customer Case - CPU High Utilization (in Guest OS)

One of the customer had issue with the Guest CPU high utilization.  The Hyper-V was not having high CPU readout.

Anyway, we (Vincent and myself) were at the customer's site.  I discussed with him to recommend the customer to use a utility (called Process Explorer) to check what's the full path of the application that caused the High CPU utilization.

Traced out the application and informed that the CPU high utilization was caused by it.  We discussed with her and one of their application vendor informed to check how many sessions was the connection to this particular web application that caused high CPU utilization.

We also recommend the customer PIC to check how many sessions is connected.  We also recommend using the SCOM that was installed to generate the reporting and check on the pattern or trend.  Does it happen during the peak hours when a lot of people using it or does it happen all the time.

After about 15 mins later, customer's reported back about 260 concurrent connections during that time and it caused spikes (CPU 75-89% average) when we were there.  It's not 100% all the time.  It should be norm.

So the customer had agreed to generate the SCOM reporting from the 1-2 weeks collection so we can analyse together :)

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