Thursday, March 10, 2011

Freebies from Microsoft !!


Enquiry for Virtualization

It’s another potential End-User enquiry to virtualize …. Smile

So we were there to do some ground work first.  It’s Infrastructure Information Collection and some interviews.

We went in with a tool that is absolutely free.  It’s from Microsoft !! Who says Microsoft is not giving freebies ? 

The tool is called Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) .  No agent is needed for the data collection.

Bb977556.image1(en-us,TechNet.10) Bb977556.image2(en-us,TechNet.10)

Since the End-User has a Hyper-V for testing, we installed a W2K8 , include the .NET services and then install the Office 2010 plus the MAP into it.

They intend to virtualize 7 servers.  We configured the MAP to do an inventory and Performance collection for these 7 servers.  By having the performance information collection, then only we can be able to advice what kind of hardware, storage …. what to virtualize and what not to virtualize Open-mouthed smile.

The End-User was impressed with this tool.  Collections of the hardware inventory like the BIOS versions, Model of the servers, what is physical & what is virtual servers, Hard disk slots & size etc.  Additional to that it can be able to cater the Windows 7, Server 2008 readiness.  Checking if the hardware is ready for the next O/S upgrade.  Not to mention there’s also checking if the SQL readiness !!

Not many people know about this tool, therefore my blog just wanna share it out.  Cool stuff man !!

So what are you waiting for.  Download and give a try on this free tool .


Stay tune !!

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